Spotlight on HIPAA Compliant Services & Phone Systems

Reliable communications between healthcare facilities – such as between a hospital and primary care doctor’s office – is essential to delivering patients the best care in a timely and efficient manner. Protecting patients’ right to communications privacy, however, should not be difficult or expensive.

CTS and Mitel take the worry out of protecting patient privacy by offering HIPAA compliant communication solutions.


Our Mitel solutions are HIPAA certified so your communications are protected on-site or in the cloud. The need for information to remain secure extends past physical human interactions. Now, the transfer of patient information needs to be done through secure and regulation-compliant communications methods. Always choose a certified HIPAA-compliant provider who will sign a tailored Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your organization.

Improve Productivity

More effective workflows mean quicker check-ins, quicker check-outs and more productive shifts. Streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks to reduce delays, accelerate access to information and optimize use of valuable human resources. Our healthcare communications solutions keep on-site nurses, dispersed physicians and non-clinical staff connected with each other and with patients. When communications solutions are securely integrated into your workflows, you can reduce the chance of bottlenecks and ensure patients get the right information at the right time.

More Revenue

Better patient care means higher satisfaction rates and higher reimbursement rates. Build your business and attract new patients with communications solutions that help you deliver better care to more people. We offer healthcare communications solutions that enable more proactive and efficient care to increase patient engagement and satisfaction. We enable more proactive and collaborative communications in hospitals, medical centers and physician practices.

Connecting small and large healthcare providers…

  • Hosted Cloud Voice Services for Small Healthcare Organizations – Reliable, easy to use, manage, and set up. Get the HIPAA-compliant communications service your healthcare business needs for an affordable monthly price.
  • On-site & Private Cloud for Larger Healthcare Organizations – Truly seamless communications and collaboration lets care providers focus on patients instead of processes. Mitel’s on-site communications solutions and cloud phone systems can make all the difference.

Let’s talk about how CTS and Mitel are connecting leading healthcare providers today – from local group practices to regional hospitals and medical centers. Contact CTS today at 800.787.4848 or


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