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Staying a step ahead of the bad guys requires that you put the right technologies in place to protect your people, property, and products – both inside and outside of your building. CTS has solutions to meet every security need.

Physical Access Control

Offers continuous security by preventing unauthorized entry to the building, offices, elevators, and sensitive areas such as a server and utility rooms. Proximity card readers, magnetic stripe card readers, and biometric readers are just a few of the access control solutions we offer to guard against intruders. All send text and email alerts about critical events so appropriate action can be taken.

Video Surveillance & Monitoring

Our experts will work with you to customize, implement and manage an affordable video surveillance system that will provide 24×7 coverage to protect your people and your property. Best of all, you can manage and monitor your video surveillance system anytime, anywhere – at work, at home, or on the go – through a mobile app.

Fire Protection

We partner with proven local partners to arrange and support fire protection services that include installation, testing, monitoring and inspections. We can arrange broadband or UL radio communicators for monitoring. Controls can be integrated with an Emergency Communications System to simplify the programming and operation of the entire system. Our experts can support a single office up to multi-node networks handling thousands of points.

Alarm & Security Systems

Provide immediate protection and have the capacity to grow with you. They can be seamlessly integrated with existing surveillance, fire protection, and access control systems. Best of all, they provide you with peace of mind and protect your bottom line.

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