FCC Goes After Deep Fake AI Voice Robocalls – Carrier Faces $2 Million Fine

Spoofed, deepfake illegal robocalls that targeted potential New Hampshire voters prior to the January primary were transmitted by Lingo Telecom, who incorrectly labeled them with the highest level of caller ID attestation making it less likely that other providers could detect the calls as potentially spoofed.

Lingo Telecom faces a $2 million proposed fine for apparent violations of the FCC’s caller ID authentication rules. Caller ID authentication using STIR/SHAKEN standards is a tool, mandated by the FCC, which serves as a digital identifier for each call to empower tracebacks of suspicious calls, inform robocall blocking tools, and support more reliable caller ID information for consumers.

Providers are on notice to employ ‘Know Your Customer’ protocols that will deter bad actors and limit the damage they can cause when they combine generative AI technology with spoofed caller ID information

Click here for the full press release from the FCC

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