Proposed American Privacy Rights Act Aims to Standardize Data Collection, Usage, and Transfer

If passed by Congress and signed into law, APRA will standardize a complex landscape of privacy regulations. The Act aims to balance consumer rights and business interests. Discussions continue among Congressional lawmakers and stakeholders. It would become effective 180 days after enactment.

Key APRA features include:

  • Consumer rights: Opt out of targeted advertising; Access, delete, and transfer data among digital services
  • Enforcement: Federal Trade Commission (FTC), state attorneys general, and consumers themselves
  • Data minimization: Certain large entities must limit data collection and maintain detailed privacy policies
  • Algorithmic transparency: Conduct impact assessments on decision-making algorithms
  • Centralized opt-out: Public registry for data brokers and rules for sensitive and biometric data

Click on this link for further details from the U.S. Senate: The American Privacy Rights Act of 2024 Overview


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