Mitel’s MiVoice Subscription Service Adds Business Agility & Simplifies IT Support

Supporting the communication and collaboration needs of your end-users today is critical as employees are more dispersed with hybrid work arrangements. But evolving technology has created new challenges for leaders in the public and private sectors…

  • 44% of organizations surveyed support between six and ten distinct communication and collaboration apps.
  • 46% cite added complexity and inefficiency in their IT operations as the top challenges of their communication and collaboration platforms.

The added complexity stems from the different requirements in network infrastructure, software licensing models, and management tools needed to operate, update, and manage multiple, disjointed applications.

At the same time, inconsistency in the end-user experience is interfering with staff productivity. Regardless of where their end-users are located, organizations want a better way to provide a seamless, consistent end-user communication experience so their staff can be more agile and productive.

Overcoming Communication and Collaboration Challenges with Mitel MiVoice Business Subscription

Mitel has designed its MiVoice Business Subscription to provide organizations with an integrated unified communications (UC) platform that minimizes operational overhead.

All communications and collaboration capabilities – voice, messaging, mobility, video meetings, and others – are included. MiVoice Business Subscription is deployed either in your on-premises environment, a public cloud environment, or on Mitel’s own cloud infrastructure. Your local CTS experts can help you determine the best deployment arrangement for your organization.

You’re in control

Instead of paying an upfront capital expense for software licensing, the Mitel MiVoice Business Subscription enables organizations to pay based on the actual monthly usage of individual Mitel services. Organizations still purchase the necessary hardware (e.g., gateways, endpoint devices). All end users are assigned a level that dictates the number of services they can consume under the MiVoice Business umbrella. Should needs change, organizations can reassign levels to their users, allowing organizations more granular control of their overall monthly spending.

Organizations can also control the timing and installation of MiVoice software and security updates. With this level of control, organizations can do upgrades during off-peak hours to ensure daily business communications remain undisturbed. Behind the scenes, Mitel will be continuously improving the UC experience to support your overall productivity and business agility.

Let’s talk about a MiVoice Business subscription that will improve your communications and simplify your IT operations.

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