Is Hybrid Work Here to Stay or Just a Temporary Solution?

As fully remote work has phased out for many, the new norm is hybrid work ― the flexibility to mix up our workdays between home, the office, and anywhere in between.

The question now is: Does hybrid working have the legs to become the true future of work or will it become a fleeting fad? We think hybrid is here to stay. Here are three reasons why and three tips on how to make sure your business is ready for the long haul.

3 Reasons Hybrid Workplaces are the New Norm

  • Employees Prefer the Hybrid Approach – overwhelming majorities prefer the work/life flexibility that comes with hybrid work.
  • The C-Suite is Committed – not every executive has bought in, but almost 80% are onboard when hybrid fits the employee’s job role.
  • It’s Better for Business – companies offering hybrid report higher employee engagement and improved business performance.

3 Ways to keep Hybrid Workers Happy

  • Create a Hybrid-Friendly Culture – smart businesses will begin to make changes now and then adjust as needed. First and foremost, focus on more autonomy and choice: endorse your people’s ability to choose where (and, in some cases, when) they work.
  • Provide the Necessary Communication Tools – Virtual team workspaces, real-time instant messaging, and desktop sharing keep employees connected whether they’re at home, in the office, or at a local coffee shop. Look for communications technology that offers a single experience across multiple devices, so it’s easy for employees to switch between work environments without any hassle. MiCollab – Mitel’s all-in-one collaboration platform – for instance, provides a consistent experience from desktop to mobile. Users can even start a conversation on one device and seamlessly continue it on another.
  • Collaborate to Stay One Step Ahead –The best way to ensure your business can quickly adapt to the changing needs of all staff is to encourage collaboration at all times. Fortunately, your communications technology can help you accomplish this with voice, video, and chat capabilities to keep everyone connected. A flexible and scalable solution gives companies the agility needed to implement changes on-the-fly, so you can make hybrid work today and well into the future.

We may not have a crystal ball to predict what the workplace will look like in five years, but all signs point to hybrid workplaces and more remote employees.

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