Higher Customer Expectations Meet Evolving Hybrid Work Environments

Early in the pandemic, digital transactions suddenly became the only way of doing business. And even the most brick-and-mortar-loving customers learned to adapt. As we establish a post-pandemic normal, however, enterprises are facing the combination of two distinct disruptors.

Disruptor A: Higher Expectations

Enterprises now must serve a sophisticated digital customer base that has high expectations for personalized service and a low tolerance for businesses that can’t deliver. 65% of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions and 80% of people say they’d switch to a competitor after more than one bad experience.

Disruptor B: Hybrid Work Environments

The latest research makes it clear hybrid work is here to stay. More than two out of three employees who prefer hybrid models say they would be likely to look for other opportunities if asked to return fully to an office. Not surprisingly, four out of five businesses that offered hybrid models over the past two years intend to retain them.

The Implication

To improve customer service, enterprises must empower their employees to work effectively from anywhere at any time. Employees will need full functionality regardless of where they are, and it must be transparent to optimize productivity and the customer experience.

Technology that Overcomes Business Disruptors

  • CTS and Mitel solutions provide every worker or customer care agent with the flexibility to work on-site or remotely. Workers can either use PC/mobile soft clients or their SIP desk phone from any remote site with the same functionality and security setup as the office.
  • CTS and Mitel offer an array of contact center and omnichannel communications solutions that allow employees to flexibly serve customers via online chat or a call with a live expert. Your contact center administrators can easily access reporting they need to optimize agent productivity.
  • Need to broadcast an important update to your distributed staff? You can make one call to a pre-set list of phone numbers that can reach them wherever they may be working.

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