Video: Hyatt Hotels & Resorts + Mitel Hospitality Solutions

Global leader, Hyatt, manages hundreds of luxury hotels and resorts. To stay connected, both customers and employees depend on Hyatt’s communication systems. So when they were looking for new ways to enhance the guest experience, Hyatt turned to Mitel’s latest customized Hospitality communications.

Video: Hyatt Success Story [ 2:52 minutes ]

Hyatt’s Goals

  • Improve ease of use and mobility
  • Reduce communications costs
  • Ensure consistent experience across multiple Hyatt properties

Mitel Deployment Results

  • Increased integration, boosted productivity and reduced amount of management needed
  • Improved cost efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership
  • More reliable system enhanced customer experience

“We’re a 24 x 7 x 365-day business. It’s important that we work with providers who really understand the hospitality business.”

– Jeff Bzdawka, Hyatt Senior Vice President of Global Hotel Operations

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