Video Overview… See MiTeam Meetings in Action

Mitel MiCollab is an enterprise collaboration solution that securely powers communication tools whenever you need them and from wherever you are.

MiTeam Meetings, integrated with MiCollab, makes it easy for your staff to collaborate and communicate effortlessly, as if everyone was in the same room.

  • Now available for download on iOS and Android devices
  • Video, voice and chat in an integrated solution
  • Work from anywhere with web and mobile applications
  • Mobile Guest Access – Guest users can join MiTeam Meetings on the mobile app with a meeting link
  • Recording – A “record” icon has been added to the toolbar. Recordings can be accessed from the home screen.
  • Meetings App Sync – Sync “My Meetings” with Outlook and G-Suite calendars
  • Undock Screenshare – Split the windows to view a full-screen screenshare and full-screen video tiles

Video: Check out MiTeam Meetings in Action

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