How MiCloud Connect Complements Microsoft Teams

Mitel offers exceptional integration with Microsoft Teams to provide an easy-to-use Meetings solution with seamless click-to-dial, web and desktop functionality.

Key Benefits of MiCloud + Microsoft Teams

  • Seamless user experience – No need to switch between different applications
  • Easy Deployment – no additional hardware or software required
  • Support different Teams platforms – supports Teams desktop, iOS and Android apps

Check out this Video demo of Mitel + Microsoft Teams working together

Do your homework if you’re thinking about relying on Microsoft Teams as a standalone service…

It can be cumbersome to use and won’t support some of the core features many businesses depend on. For instance, when you need to physically move between your phones during a Teams call, the process with Mitel is elegant… just a 1-button push to move between your deskphone or smartphone. Things get much more complicated with Teams working alone… Click here to see how complicated it can be.

If you need customized features now, or in the future, you may run into some limitations with Microsoft Teams alone. Make sure you triple-check:

  • E911 service
  • Phone number portability
  • SMS text messaging
  • Custom business app and CRM integration
  • Quality of Service adjustments to ensure your calls sound their best
  • Multi-location centralized answering
  • Call/Contact centers
  • Local and Long Distance Dial Plans – pay special attention to International rates 
  • Any hardware integrations where your phones control equipment in your business

Get the best of MiCloud and Microsoft Teams working together… Contact your local integration experts at CTS: 800.787.4848 or


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