Hybrid Workplaces, Remote Work & Virtual Contact Centers are Here to Stay

Remember the bright beautiful world of tomorrow from cartoons and movies? People could do everything from one big video screen: Run a business, work, shop, go to school – even hang out with their friends – all from the comfort of home! We envied and worked toward that future – but then we were suddenly forced into actually living life on a screen, and it wasn’t quite what we had imagined.

Let’s face it, for every benefit of remote work and distance learning, there have been drawbacks. It’s been a learning process for workers and leaders alike. Now that we’re past the initial shock and scramble of adjusting to a post-pandemic landscape, it’s time to evaluate what’s working and plan to thrive, not just survive.

Do you have the right systems and strategies in place to accommodate today’s needs?

The challenge is to strike a balance between business survival and scalable growth, privacy and accountability, security and collaboration, structure and flexibility.

Fortunately, as the definition of work continues to evolve, communications services and technology are advancing. Businesses that can combine the right tech with the right processes and skill sets will be better equipped to lead the pack.

Security & Compliance

One key element of ensuring security and compliance in a hybrid workforce is streamlining communications. If your employees use multiple different platforms for videoconferencing, several collaboration solutions, and a host of chat apps, they’re creating more points of vulnerability. An integrated solution with built-in security features can help maintain compliance and facilitate collaboration.

Collaboration & Connection

Businesses need to provide the tools that remote and hybrid workers need to communicate and collaborate. Beyond the technology, though, businesses need to implement the training and culture-building to make sure these tools are properly used. Maintaining a connected, efficient and engaged hybrid workforce requires ongoing support from management.

Flexibility & Growth

What will be the next disruption that affects your business? From trade wars to weather events and ransomware, there’s always something that can throw a wrench into your operations. The goal is not just planning for a few specific contingencies; it’s to build resilience that will keep your business moving no matter what happens next.

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