How to Stop Bad Customer Experiences from Hurting Your Good Customers
Posted on May 18, 2022 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

It happens… We make an online purchase and, rather than receiving an automatic confirmation, we get a notice that our order has been placed on hold. Suddenly, confidence turns to confusion. Unfortunately, this is where some companies trip up. They make it difficult for otherwise good customers to re-place their order, and the experience goes […]

Spring Cleaning… Streamline Your Team Apps & Communications Tools
Posted on Mar 30, 2022 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

If your smartphone and desktop are crowded with an unwieldy mix of cloud apps, messaging, content sharing, and collaboration tools, you’re not alone. Do some spring cleaning and consider an all-in-one service that brings all your team tools together. Give your staff a solution that lets them assign tasks, share documents, schedule calls, chat and […]

Cloud Voice Provides Features Your Business Can’t Afford to Live Without
Posted on Jul 21, 2021 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

A Cloud Voice service is more cost-effective because you pay only for what you need, and only when you need it. There are no large upfront investments and no need to pay for software upgrades down the line. The savings are great, but most of all, Cloud Voice service makes your business life easier. Here […]

Enhance Your Microsoft Teams Features… Pair Them with Mitel’s Telephony, CRM & Contact Center Solutions
Posted on Jun 23, 2021 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Already using Microsoft Teams? Mitel has made it even easier to add telephony to your Microsoft Teams interface. By combining your Microsoft Teams account with a Mitel call control platform, you’ll have access to the collaboration of Microsoft Teams with enterprise telephony features at your fingertips. Check out this Microsoft Team + Mitel Video Overview Key Benefits […]

Need to Optimize Your Customer Experience? Get to Know MiContact Center Business
Posted on May 5, 2021 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Major shifts in customer expectations have brought new challenges to the way your business delivers customer experience. 90% of consumers check your website before interacting with your company, and most customers would rather interact through digital channels like email, chat, and social media. The Mitel MiContact Center Business platform is designed to give your customers […]

Hybrid Workplaces, Remote Work & Virtual Contact Centers are Here to Stay
Posted on Mar 3, 2021 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Remember the bright beautiful world of tomorrow from cartoons and movies? People could do everything from one big video screen: Run a business, work, shop, go to school – even hang out with their friends – all from the comfort of home! We envied and worked toward that future – but then we were suddenly […]

Focus on Customer Service… There’s a Brighter Future for Contact Center Agents
Posted on Jul 10, 2019 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

The advent of “customer experience is king” is changing the landscape across industries, presenting new challenges and highlighting pain points many contact centers have been trying to address for years. This includes…

AI is Here! How Mitel & Google Are Enabling a Better Customer Experience
Posted on Oct 10, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

When it comes to buying decisions, Customer Experience is expected to overtake price and product as the key differentiator by 2020. With customers demanding more from businesses, Mitel and Google AI have joined forces to deliver a more intelligent Customer Experience across all Mitel core contact center solutions. Mitel contact center solutions can now leverage […]

How Recording Your Telephone Calls Will Grow Your Business
Posted on Aug 30, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

If you had a simple, cost-effective tool that would improve customer service, increase your sales and even improve your own interactions with your customers, would you consider adding this tool to your arsenal? Many people think recording telephone calls is an act of “Big Brother” or the act of a ‘Paranoid Business Owner.” Nothing is […]

Delivering Healthcare? 5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Care Center
Posted on Jul 10, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

A Virtual Care Center (VCC) is a centralized clinical operations center that leverages people, processes, and technology across the care continuum to enhance patient experiences, relationships, and outcomes. In essence, a VCC is a place where shared services are brought together and leveraged as virtual resources… teleICU, eHospital, centralized telemetry, rapid response, transfer/triage centers, disaster […]

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