Luminis Health / Anne Arundel Medical Center is Using Mitel’s New Antimicrobial Phones

Amid concerns about health safety in the workplace, Mitel has launched a series of IP phones built from plastics protected with antimicrobial technology.

The phones feature plastics with surfaces that are treated with a silver-based compound that, when tested against certain viruses and bacteria, is shown to inhibit their growth by up to 99.9 percent.

The redesigned 6920t and 6930t handsets also minimize crevices and holes that might collect germs, dirt and grime. Whether deployed in a hospital or a shared office space, they’re packed with features for powering productivity and collaboration. Learn more about these new devices here.

One of the first organizations in the Mid Atlantic to implement these antimicrobial IP phones is CTS client, Luminis Health / Anne Arundel Medical Center. Their initial set of antimicrobial tech phones are installed in the Medical Center’s busy virtual urgent care center, CareConnectNow.

We’re extremely proud to support Luminis as they support the 24×7 healthcare needs of our local community and region.

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