Real-Time or Asynchronous… Which Communication Tool Should You Use and When?

When it comes to selecting communications tools, your options can be categorized as either real-time (synchronous) or asynchronous, and deciding on the best option is based on your business objectives.

Synchronous Communication Options

When it comes to real-time interaction between two or more people, synchronous communication tools are the best choice. The options are:

  • Face-to-face meetings, problematic under today’s social distancing mandates, are nevertheless useful when the communication is important, requires buy-in from participants, and when non-verbal signals are key to understanding the emotions of the other person.
  • Video calls are useful when face-to-face meetings are not possible, but collaboration, cooperation or discussion is needed and documents must be viewed and/or shared among a group of two or more people.
  • Voice calls are effective when clarity is needed and some degree of cooperation, collaboration or discussion is essential for reaching a decision in a timely manner.

Asynchronous Communication Options

When real-time interaction is not required between two or more people and information can be shared without requiring immediate responses, the options include:

  • IM, which enables short messages to be sent with key information that is not urgent, and to recipients whose unified communications presence indicators show that they are unavailable.
  • SMS/MMS, which is similar to IM but designed specifically for delivery to mobile devices where messages tend to interrupt the recipient, even if the unified communication application is closed.
  • Email, which is useful for the one-way distribution of report style communication, documentation or other forms of information that cannot be shared with IM or SMS/MMS.
  • Team collaboration tools support projects that last for an extended period of time among a group of people because it incorporates multiple forms of communication, like IM, voice and video, but also enables files and task sharing, and an archive of activity.

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