Optimizing Your Communications Performance… Get to Know Mitel’s Software Assurance Program

Optimizing your technology for peak performance is essential when you need every edge to compete. With Mitel Software Assurance you’ll know your communications are always up to date.

As a subscriber, your organization can benefit from: 

  • Ongoing Standards Compliance

  • Security Fixes

  • Software Concurrency

  • Access to Online Training

  • Proactive Performance Monitoring 

With Performance Monitoring, rather than reacting to an issue after it has happened, you have control and can take preventative measures.

Mitel offers Standard or Premium Levels:  

  • Standard Software Assurance – This is the base software assurance program that includes 8×5 access to technical support, as well as software patch updates, hot fixes, and major software releases.
  • Premium Software Assurance – In addition to everything in the Standard subscription, the Premium subscription includes 24×7 technical support, access to online training, and Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), a software tool for proactively monitoring and analyzing your Mitel system to maintain optimal performance.

Get more details on a Mitel Software Assurance subscription for your business… Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us


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