Take Care of Your Phone System to Protect and Grow Your Business

By Jeff Nolte

December 9, 2020


Unlike the basic handsets of yesteryear, the technologies behind today’s communication systems and services continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Every software update or major upgrade refines existing capabilities or adds new features to streamline work and improve efficiency.

You Can’t Get Ahead if Your Technology is Behind

If your business continues to operate with outdated systems, you’re missing out on advanced tools your people can use to maximize productivity and profits.

  • Outdated systems are vulnerable – Beyond efficiency and productivity, staying current with updates and upgrades to your existing communication system is the key to protecting your business from security threats. The longer the software has been neglected, the more likely it is hackers will exploit its vulnerabilities.
  • Move to the cloud at your own pace – While the objective for all organizations should be an eventual migration to the cloud, by staying current with your existing system, you can be more strategic with your move and do it at your own pace. All-in-one cloud systems can be configured to provide unlimited calling, mobility, team and video meeting collaboration, contact center capabilities and communication integration. Many on-premises systems – like Mitel’s MiVoice Business – can be upgraded with all these features.

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