6 Call Center Trends That Will Improve Customer Experience & Empower Your Remote Agents

Earlier this year, Mitel identified the call center technology trends and tools that help companies of all types deliver a superior Customer Experience. See which ones can benefit how your business engages with customers…

  • Widespread adoption of cloud communications – Cloud communication has become particularly important for contact centers. With the cloud, traditional office-based contact centers can take on new remote locations, as well as grow and contract workforces as market needs change.
  • Two-way social media conversations – Customers are looking for a two-way social media conversation, and when they interact with businesses online, they expect a personalized and immediate response. Responsive businesses are using this trend to create a superb customer experience by unifying communications across channels into one stream.
  • Omnichannel communications for all – While a customer journey may begin on one channel, valuable insight and feedback from the customer can continue on alternative channels like text, email, social media and calls. Omnichannel support resolves issues faster and drives future sales.
  • Better contact center analytics – Gone are the days of relying on supervisor skill and know-how to get the most out of contact center agents. Now, even smaller businesses can take advantage of sophisticated analytics to turn data – like call and screen recordings, chats, SMS messages and more – into truly useful feedback for their agents.
  • Artificial intelligence integrated into customer interactions – Businesses are getting deeper into predictive analytics, using artificial intelligence (AI) applications to help streamline call center experiences for customers and agents.
  • More robust customer satisfaction measurements – Customer satisfaction sends helpful signals to companies about where and how their businesses could improve. Using effective reporting and analytics tools that are integrated with the communications systems makes this process automatic and valuable.

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