Looking Ahead… Adapting to The Virtual Office

More millennials in the office and the evolving expectations of technology had already begun to transform the workplace into a more complex environment. The pandemic we are now living with has accelerated that evolution.

This has presented IT teams with the challenge of both maintaining current systems and allowing for more flexible processes. To stay competitive and support the needs of the business, choosing to adapt with the right communications and collaboration tools is essential.

  • The goal is a flexible workplace – With more work now being completed from home and other off-site locations, new outside devices and networks are quickly being added to corporate systems, which has the potential to make it more difficult and time consuming to keep devices up-to-date and secure. As the future’s totally virtual workspace approaches reality, IT departments must deliver capabilities that support effective collaboration and communication. Without it, work simply takes longer and results suffer.
  • Ad hoc platforms can slow things down – Using disparate systems will slow down a business. When systems aren’t compatible with each other, transferring data and knowledge from one program or person to another can make things even more challenging. It also makes it harder and more time consuming to keep track of information, forcing a long search across platforms to find needed details. The solution is simple – implement tools that are integrated, easy-to-manage, and easy-to use.
  • Getting more from your IT resources – The right solution will unify communication into one platform across the whole business, making it simpler for your IT team to manage systems and users. It means they can reassign their time to innovative, future-looking projects while boosting overall employee productivity. Plus, it helps IT contribute to business growth and gain added flexibility over the implementation of new systems.
  • Unified platforms & Flexible deployments – Mitel’s unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions support your business objectives and your IT team’s preference for flexibility and control – giving them the power to select which systems fit best, and how to roll them out. Mitel offers the choice of on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments, the choice of when to upgrade, and which systems to make available to which employees.

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