What Customers Want & Five Smart Ways to Improve Their Experience

A stellar Customer Experience has a measurable impact on your bottom line. A recent survey by PWC found that 73% of buyers consider the Customer Experience a vital aspect of the purchasing process. Over 65% of U.S. consumers say a positive experience plays a stronger role than advertising in their decision to buy.

These trends point to the need for businesses to prioritize investments that optimize the Customer Experience. Here are 5 ways to improve the experience of your customers:

  1. Speed – Long wait times are a top source of customer frustration, so reducing them should be a priority. To start, analyze call data to understand and eliminate bottlenecks and gaps. Also, consider deploying call-routing technology so that customers reach the right person the first time.
  2. Omnichannel Options – There are more ways than ever for customers to engage with your business, so it’s crucial for employees to know their way around every channel: voice, text, email, web chat and social media. When employees can navigate seamlessly from one channel to another, they serve customers more quickly.
  3. Mobility – Your sales team and subject matter experts are always a click away, even if they’re traveling or working remotely. As a result, you can serve customers’ needs in the moment, enabling you to close sales, resolve issues and answer questions immediately. The customer gets what they need when they need it – and they come away happier.
  4. CRM Integration – With CRM, your employees have immediate access to detailed customer information, which enables an informed, more personalized conversation. Customer interactions are more engaging, and issues are resolved faster.
  5. Scripting Modules – Advances in scripting modules have made them valuable tools. Scripts can now be dynamically manipulated during calls, allowing staff to navigate between versions. They can also integrate with Web Services and internal systems so employees can retrieve relevant information that may be of use while dealing with more complex issues and demanding customers.

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