How Recording Your Telephone Calls Will Grow Your Business

If you had a simple, cost-effective tool that would improve customer service, increase your sales and even improve your own interactions with your customers, would you consider adding this tool to your arsenal?

Many people think recording telephone calls is an act of “Big Brother” or the act of a ‘Paranoid Business Owner.” Nothing is further from the truth. Your employees will soon come to realize the recorded calls will help them grow as effective employees and communicators, while also serving to ensure accuracy in customer interactions.

The ‘customer is always right’ maxim is a good one, however it’s not always true. Recording your telephone calls helps you make informed decisions based on what actually happened on a call, not what happened from the perspective of only one side of the conversation.

New employees? How are they communicating with your clients? Was the training provided effective? The best way to find out is to listen to the actual interactions and then use these recordings to provide additional training and constructive feedback. Check out these demos:

SIP / IP / PRI Recording Demo Video

Analog Line Recording Demo Video

Ensure accuracy. Improve customer service. Improve close ratios on calls. Grow your Business. Record your telephone calls. Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or


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