eBook: Going Digital for Business Continuity
Posted on Apr 27, 2022 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

The impact of the pandemic on global businesses forced a critical need for up-to-date communication technology. Many enterprises are still searching for innovative ways to exploit technology that will help their operations to get “back to normal.” Mitel’s eBook “Going Digital for Business Continuity” analyzes how organizations must rethink customer interaction and strengthen remote collaboration in […]

Mobile-First Approach Fulfills Customer Expectations and Fuels Business Growth
Posted on Jan 12, 2021 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Mobility has become an important trend in business communications not only because employees and customers expect it, but also because companies profit from it. Think about it… Organizations trailing in mobility are less productive and less profitable than those that take a mobile-first approach. Businesses that adopt a mobile mindset and design their Customer Experiences […]

Improving Your Customer Experience… Get to Know Mitel’s MiContact Center
Posted on Aug 5, 2020 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Major shifts in customer expectations have brought new challenges to the way businesses deliver Customer Experience. Mitel’s Contact Center solutions are designed to give your customers the freedom to interact with you on their preferred device, using the media that works best for them, while giving agents and supervisors the tools to manage today’s omnichannel […]

5 Tips for a Digital Transformation-Ready Network
Posted on Jan 10, 2019 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Digital transformation and rapid technology adoption are competitive differentiators for today’s businesses. With this in mind, we offer five tips to help you to prepare your network for stellar digital transformation performance in the year ahead…

Decoding “Digital Transformation” & the Future of Your Business Communications
Posted on Oct 30, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Digital Transformation entails connecting people, things, and information. Connecting those things is the digital part. Transformation is how you use those connected things to totally revamp your business for growth and cost savings.

Cloud Contact Center: Why Companies Are Finally Jumping In
Posted on Sep 30, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

While cloud contact center solutions have been available for over 10 years, by some estimates less than 15% of global contact center agent seats are currently supported with a cloud solution. So why are companies finally jumping in? Here are some of the most frequently cited reasons… Access to new functionality. While many on-site solution […]

On Hold Messages 101… Creating a Great On-Hold Experience
Posted on Sep 20, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

No one likes being put on hold. Unfortunately, putting your customers on hold is a part of doing business, and the abandoned rate for these callers is very high. An estimated 70% of business callers are put on hold. When left on hold with silence, approximately 60% of those callers will hang up, and of […]

What Customers Want & Five Smart Ways to Improve Their Experience
Posted on Sep 10, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

A stellar Customer Experience has a measurable impact on your bottom line. A recent survey by PWC found that 73% of buyers consider the Customer Experience a vital aspect of the purchasing process. Over 65% of U.S. consumers say a positive experience plays a stronger role than advertising in their decision to buy. These trends […]

Add a Mix of Channels for Better Customer Interactions
Posted on Apr 30, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Today’s customers are relying on digital communications like email, text messaging, Web chat and social media to interact with your business. Omni-channel contact centers and communications give your customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time. A customer experience journey may begin on […]

Providing a Better Digital Customer Experience Drives More Loyalty
Posted on Feb 28, 2018 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Your customers’ ideas about what constitutes a good experience have evolved in the same way their lives have evolved. Today, they live and do business in a digital world. Here are some trends and tips to help you digitally transform your business to keep pace with your customers’ expectations… People don’t pick up the phone […]

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