Delivering Healthcare? 5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Care Center

A Virtual Care Center (VCC) is a centralized clinical operations center that leverages people, processes, and technology across the care continuum to enhance patient experiences, relationships, and outcomes.

In essence, a VCC is a place where shared services are brought together and leveraged as virtual resources… teleICU, eHospital, centralized telemetry, rapid response, transfer/triage centers, disaster management, emergency/urgent care, eConsults, eVisits, population health management, and remote home monitoring.

Your healthcare organization is a good candidate for a Virtual Care Center if…

  • You have rolled out a series of standalone specialty technologies that handle certain areas of telemedicine like teleICU, telestroke or telepsychiatry.
  • You have deployed an EHR “megasuite” but still need to address key requirements for virtual care delivery such as video-enablement.
  • You operate under a tight budget and just want to get started on building a VCC.
  • Your telemedicine efforts have stalled because you are struggling to justify your investments.
  • Your telemedicine resources are misaligned and off-target.

This informative 14-page report from Vidyo makes the business case for VCC

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