Managing Multiple Locations? Cloud Voice Simplifies Your Office Technology

Now you can simplify managing your multi-site phone systems. Replace your mix of vendors and outdated phone systems with Cloud Voice services supported by your local partner, CTS.

Cloud Voice services are highly reliable and scalable. They’re ideal for deploying and managing all-in-one Voice, UC and collaboration capabilities across every location in your enterprise.

Seamless Migrations

Cloud communications isn’t an all-or-nothing endeavor. We support several deployment models depending on your business’s unique situation, and you can shift from one approach to another over time. Best of all, our team handles all the migration and project details for you.

More Mobility and Collaboration

With Cloud Voice, your users can work together and access team apps from their mobile devices and laptops. Designed for today’s on-the-go workforce, your work will no longer be a location but an activity that can be tackled anywhere.

An All-inclusive Monthly Subscription

It’s easy to get started. Cloud Voice service eliminates the upfront costs of investing in an expensive on-site system. A low monthly price connects you to a flexible selection of desktop phones, call control features, mobile apps, and outstanding local support delivered by CTS.

Bring it all together

When you combine business communications, mobility and the cloud, borders disappear, barriers collapse, costs drop, and productivity soars.

Let’s talk about how CTS can centralize and simplify your enterprise communications. Contact us today at 800.787.4848 or


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