Conquer the Challenges of Hybrid Work with these Must-Have Collaboration Capabilities

What are the core collaboration capabilities you need to conquer the challenges of hybrid work?

CTS has 35+ years of communications and collaboration capabilities under our belt, so we know what will give customers the greatest return on their collaboration investment today. Here’s our take on five fundamentals that every company embracing hybrid work will need:

One-to-one Messaging and Presence Awareness

Presence-aware, one-to-one messaging is the heart of collaboration, enabling most of today’s business communications. In this era of ever-increasing customer expectations, allowing the contact center agent to know when an expert colleague is available is critical to solving the next customer issue. A simple messaging app like Mitel’s MiCollab provides the foundation for company-wide 1:1 messaging.

Mobile and Desktop Find Me, Follow Me

For many years, the sales reps who have driven corporate revenue worked partially in the office, at home, on the road, and sometimes in their customer’s or partner’s location. Whether you’re in sales or not, the tested and proven combination of video, collaboration tools, and calling via ring groups ensures your communications will find you wherever you are.

Seamless Message to Video Launch (1:1 or Group)

We have all learned how to join a video call and most people have a good handle on numerous video application capabilities. One of the best business productivity accelerators is to start an ad hoc outreach with a simple message to a fellow employee: “you there?” and follow an affirmative response with an instantaneous, highly immersive video meeting with one click. To broaden the discussion, easily add additional team members with a quick directory search and invite them to join the ad hoc video meeting room.

Team Face-to-Face Video Contact, Team Share, Document Share, and Messaging

Keeping track of team members, comments, meeting notes, documents shared, and previous meetings are fundamental for continued progress in any team. Having a common workspace where this team collaboration can come together – either by voice or video – is a real advantage. Apps like MiTeam Meetings provide this foundation for sound decision-making and faster business progress.

The Desk Phone is Still Alive and Kicking

While the use of video collaboration and soft clients is pervasive in the current business climate, in times of failure, the desk phone serves several key purposes. Fundamentally, it drives continuity of critical communications when things go wrong. Local survivable and robust communications allow for calling when advanced collaboration tools aren’t always available.

CTS can cover the core collaboration capabilities you need to serve all your employees, and you can deploy them as you want, when you want. We’re ready to help. Contact us today at 800.787.4848 or


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