Fortify Your Communications Strategy to Max Your Team’s Potential

The team you have today is a lot different than the one you led ten years ago… it’s mobile, millennial and increasingly remote. 

Team collaboration tools have evolved too. They leverage the power of unified communications, work seamlessly across different devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops) and support real-time interactions in ways we couldn’t have imagined before.

With the right mix of communication and collaboration solutions, you can achieve amazing levels of teamwork, regardless of what challenges your organization may face – if you have the right technology to harness your team’s potential.

Challenges You Might Be Facing

  • Living in the Past. When your technology partners installed your system, it did everything you needed it to do. Today, your system still sits on the same version as it was when it was installed, locked forever with capabilities designed a decade ago. 
  • Frustration with siloed applications. Evolving needs with static capabilities have forced you to implement piecemeal solutions that foster confusion instead of collaboration. You want to simplify on a single solution for communications and collaboration that works the same for everyone, on any device. 
  • The growing expectation of real-time, remote communications. Colleagues and customers expect an answer in minutes, not days. When projects, teams or those supporting customers require an answer, your communications need to support real-time video collaboration, presence, instant messaging, voice and more.

Questions You Need to Ask

  • Have I ensured I’m on the latest release of my system?
  • Am I leveraging the full communications capabilities of my system?
  • Are my communications built around a single robust system or multiple third-party tools?
  • If my workforce needs to work from home, would my system help me avoid disruption or would I need to buy more technology?

How the Right Communications Tools Can Drive Results

With unified team and video collaboration solutions deployed and supported by CTS, your business can reap the benefits of higher productivity, including…

  • 20-25% more productivity per employee
  • 13% less wasted time every week – a savings of around $10,000 per year per employee
  • Robust real-time communication ensures business agility and continuity

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