4 Ways to Keep Your Hybrid Workers Engaged

The pandemic forced most of us to try new working arrangements. Work-from-home and remote working policies were adopted and continue for many. However, some jobs require fieldwork and can’t support the work from home setup. In such a scenario, a hybrid workplace can strike an effective balance.

The Hybrid Model

The hybrid working model has enormous advantages, but there are some challenges that employers and employees are facing for the first time. At the top of this priority list are employee engagement and employee well-being. To help address these issues, stay focused on these 4 ways to protect and engage your workforce…

1. Encourage Creativity – Managers should check on employees to learn about their interests, hobbies, or how they spent their weekends. Contests and activities like a fun zoom icebreaker session can help everyone feel more connected and foster team bonding.

2. Provide the Right Equipment – Organizations must be conscious of the remote work environment. Simple things like their desk setup, availability of a high-end microphone or speaker, and adequate lighting can enhance the employee experience. Leaders must ensure employees have the necessary equipment ahead of time.

3. Minimize Burnout – Help employees set limits, especially since the current work-life balance is practically non-existent. Advise them to turn off email and work notifications after working hours and encourage them to take breaks during the day. Minimize burnout by having well-defined meeting agendas with specific goals.

4. Prioritize Employee Recognition – Workplace incentives and perks must be well-structured to engage employees. Recognize extraordinary effort, new ideas, team contributions and leadership by implementing a great employee recognition program.

The hybrid workplace will continue to evolve and its success will be determined by creative employee engagement practices.

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