Get to Know Mitel’s Application Integration Solutions… Enable Computer + Web-based Applications to Interact with MiCloud Connect

Sales, Telemarketing, Accounting, Marketing, Management… All your teams can benefit from click-to-dial, screen-pops, and real-time customer database interactions that can be integrated with Mitel’s popular Cloud Voice services.

Check out some of the supported applications you can use… 

  • Windows Application Dialer – Enables dialing functionality from most desktop Windows applications, including Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Notepad.
  • Web Dialer for IE and Mitel Web Dialer for Chrome – Enables click-to-dial functionality from the IE and Chrome browsers.
  • Chrome Browser – Provides a Mitel client within the Chrome browser for call control, visual voice mail, call history, favorite contacts, directory search by name, status control, softphone (audio via browser), and web dialer (recognizes phone numbers on web pages and inserts a click-to-dial icon). 
  • Unified Communication Integration – Optionally integrates the MiCloud Connect platform and Google’s G Suite apps (Gmail and Calendar) by adding the MiCloud Connect by Mitel extension in the Google Chrome browser.
  • ACT! Integration – Used within the client version of the ACT! Pro from Swiftpage to provide screen pop, click-to-dial, call control, contact matching, historical, and other functionality.
  • AMS 360 Integration – Used within Vertafore’s AMS360 agency management system to provide screen pop, click-to-dial, call control, and other functionality.
  • – Used within the application to provide call tracking, call control, and other functionality in IE, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers.
  • EasyPop – Provides the ability to execute a particular user-defined program, batch file, or URL when an incoming call arrives or outgoing call is placed.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration – Used within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide automatic lookup of phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls, and screen pop notifications to allow CRM users to easily navigate to associated records. Can also be utilized with the Mitel Web Dialer for outbound click-to-dial functionality.
  • NetSuite Integration – Used within the Mitel NetSuite client application to handle calls made and received on a user’s Mitel phone from numbers stored in the NetSuite database.
  • Salesforce – Used within to provide call control, call logging, click-to-dial, inbound screen pops, activity tracking, multi-line handling, conferencing, and other functionality.
  • Zendesk – Used within the Zendesk CRM application to provide call control, call logging, conferencing, and other functionality. Can also be used with the Mitel Web Dialer for outbound click-to-dial functionality.

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