8 Ways MiCloud Connect Makes Your Job Easier

MiCloud Connect is an all-in-one business phone system that puts all of your communications and collaboration tools in one place. Here are 8 ways Mitel MiCloud Connect makes your job easier.

1. Never Lose Your Place with One Stop for Communication

All your communications are available from a single hub on your desktop. It’s always there but never in the way. Keep an eye on every call and message and never lose sight of important details.

2. Work from Anywhere, Together

Team members can be anywhere – at home, on the road, or in another country. With Mitel, everyone on the team can chat, share tasks and collaborate on documents all within a single workspace.

3. Take the Conversation Smoothly from Text to Voice with Ad-Hoc Meetings

Reach the one person who has the information you need to close a deal – at the precise moment you need help. With one click, you can start a meeting and follow through by assigning tasks.

4. Respond to Important Messages Faster with Visual Voicemail

Nothing ushers in a greater sense of urgency – and stress – than checking your voicemail after a long morning of meetings. Mitel has this covered. With visual voicemail, messages are transcribed and sent to email so you can scan and prioritize who to call back first.

5. Get to the Right Person at the Right Time

With presence, employees make their whereabouts known to everyone in the organization. So, when a customer calls with a question only a subject matter expert can answer, everyone knows where and how to reach them.

6. Be as Productive on the Road as You are in the Office

With mobile apps, remote employees can take the office anywhere and get the same experience as they do at their desks. They can join a meeting with a single click, without the need to enter those cumbersome participant codes.

7. Live in Your CRM…

With Mitel IP phone and CRM integration, salespeople never have to switch between the two. They stay in the CRM to make and receive phone calls, and minimize data entry tasks. Just by answering their phone, items are automatically added to their to-do lists.

8. …Or in Outlook or G Suite

Mitel also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and G Suite, easing adoption of the new phone system throughout the organization.

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