Enabling Secure IP Infrastructure with NVT Phybridge Technology

Annapolis-based St. Anne’s Parish recently deployed an innovative IP Cloud security solution and IP cameras…

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St. Anne’s Parish was able to:

  • Accelerate IP security adoption.
  • Allocate more of the budget towards devices and applications – and away from network infrastructure.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure to avoid the high costs, risks, complexities, and disruption associated with rip-and-replace.
  • Create a physically separate PoE network for the IP security solution to ensure a great user experience and incredible performance without compromise.

Need High-speed, Secure Connections?

At CTS, we have years of experience designing, installing, and supporting structured cabling and wireless solutions for our customers. Our infrastructure solutions encompass:

  • Physical network planning and design
  • Cabling from demarcation points, server rooms, between floors, and to the desktop
  • In-building Cellular Signaling
  • Wi-Fi in your office and across your campus

We design, deploy and manage cable and wireless products from leading manufacturers to deliver turnkey solutions that make connecting your business easy, secure and reliable.

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