Viking & CTS Infrastructure Experts are Ready to Connect your Building’s Area of Refuge / Area of Rescue Assistance

An Area of Refuge, or Area of Rescue Assistance, is for individuals with mobility challenges. Certain buildings with barriers to exit are required to have them in order to offer protection and communication.


When it comes to wiring and choosing analog versus VoIP for an Area of Refuge, there are several factors to consider. Location of the phones, availability of existing network and telephone infrastructure, and functionality required by local codes and regulations – just to name a few. Even if the Area of Refuge system is designed as a self-contained system, one of these many factors may dictate if analog or VoIP is required. CTS can help you make the best choice.


CTS and our partner Viking Electronics can supply Area of Refuge communication as well as the required signage. Our goal is to help you meet all requirements with durable and current technology while taking advantage of systems you already have in place.


Before planning your Area of Rescue, make sure to consult your local and state codes. Requirements are different for each building type and for every area.

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