6 Ways MiCloud Flex Provides a Customized Path to Better Communications

Thinking about upgrading your on-premises voice platform? Looking at the benefits of cloud services but need customization and control? MiCloud Flex may be the right service for your unique business requirements…

  • It’s secure – MiCloud Flex offers a dedicated environment hosted in data centers equipped with advanced multi-layered security, including full encryption. Mitel’s data centers are fully certified to meet SOC 2, HIPAA and many other compliance requirements.
  • It’s customizable – MiCloud Flex gives you the ability to wrap your business communications solutions around your existing business processes and workflows through APIs and Open Media.
  • It’s customer focused – As your next-generation customer care solution, you’re giving customers more choices, faster responses, personalized interactions and self-service IVR and Chatbot capabilities that save them time and save you money.
  • It’s reliable – With MiCloud Flex, chances of your communications going down because of a single network outage or hardware failure are significantly reduced. MiCloud Flex features a high-availability geo-redundancy deployment for enhanced disaster recovery and additional availability of service.
  • It saves you money – Realize big savings by moving your communications to the cloud. MiCloud Flex features subscription-based pricing to minimize up-front costs and offers a scalable pay-as-you-grow model that ensures you do not pay for unneeded capacity. Add new users, connect new offices or activate new features, all while driving down your communications and customer care costs.
  • It’s flexible – MiCloud Flex enables employees to work remotely for business or personal reasons, whether it is by choice or as the result of uncontrollable local, regional or global events.

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