4 Ways Technology Can Support a Safe Return to Your Office

The pandemic has reshaped the way many industries conduct business. Many leaders report remote workers are productive working at home, but with vaccines widely available, more than 60% of employees expect to return to their offices soon. Here are 4 effective ways technology can be deployed to support a safe return to the office…

  1. Utilize Technology for Business Meetings

Since large gatherings and physical meetings may still pose a risk for employee and organization safety, continued use of online communication and collaboration platforms can reduce the chances of spreading the virus, while effectively sharing information among teams.

  1. Reduce Occupancy with Scheduling and Tracking Apps

Office occupancy can be reduced using smart scheduling tools that allow employees to work in shifts. Some apps provide occupancy tracking that shows which areas are packed with people in real-time, enabling you to refine plan area usage and cleaning activities.

  1. Focus on an Effective Cleaning Strategy

Effective scheduling and cleaning go hand in hand. Allow time between group meetings to clean and ventilate the space. Implementing IoT sensors in common areas allows access to real-time data.

  1. Keep up with emerging Smart Office solutions

Solutions that were impossible to imagine a year ago are on the horizon… Smart Offices equipped with sensors will become part of some workspaces. Smart wearables are being developed that will notify employees if they breach social distancing guidelines. Temperature screening cameras that can identify anyone with a high fever will control access.

As we grapple with the constantly changing public health challenge, technology will continue to evolve to meet the needs of business.

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