5 VoIP Trends You Need to Know in 2020

Business VoIP service has come a long way over the years. Serious businesses of every type and size now rely on VoIP to carry their vital communications and sensitive information. Here are 5 trends you want to be aware of as we enter 2020…

1. Increased VoIP Security & Compliance Demands

Companies in highly regulated industries like healthcare are demanding greater security and compliance from VoIP providers. This is especially true for smaller healthcare organizations like doctor’s offices, dentists, clinics and specialists. Mitel’s compliance with HIPAA and SOC2 regulations, for example, offers these organizations the compliance peace-of-mind they need.

2. More Levels of Service & Customization

One-size-fits-all simply doesn’t work for Cloud VoIP anymore. Plans have evolved to meet diverse needs…

A basic plan keeps costs and features simple. A standard plan keeps things affordable while giving users more capabilities. A premium plan comes with plenty of bells and whistles. Plans can even be mixed and matched on a per user basis so that you don’t pay for premium functionality for a user who only has basic VoIP needs.

For enterprises that need next-level sophistication in their cloud communications systems, a whole other level of offering is available; that way, everyone can chose exactly what they need without compromising.

3. Accelerated Adoption of Hosted VoIP

Adoption of Cloud VoIP is increasing at a much faster rate than analysts previously expected. What does this mean? It means better choices for you. Since providers have more resources due to customer growth, they can invest in more robust, reliable, inventive solutions and applications. Or they can invest in an improved user experience. Or better support. The list goes on.

4. VoIP System Value vs Lowest Price

As Business VoIP becomes more ubiquitous and product/service offerings become more mature, fewer companies are focused on simply procuring the cheapest option. More companies are looking for good value. For example, they appreciate VoIP integrations with business-critical applications, like Salesforce and Google Office apps. VoIP value can also be found in reliability, features, security, service, ease of use and more. All can be major factors in improving customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

5. VoIP Playing a Bigger Role in Customer Contact & Customer Experience

Call center and customer experience platforms started out separate from companies’ Cloud VoIP services. But to take advantage of full customer/prospect life-cycle data and to create seamless experiences, the two have become much more integrated.

VoIP today is often being packaged into a single omni-channel solution that also handles the diverse ways customers prefer to communicate with companies and organizations like yours, including real-time messaging, social media, email, and voice. Companies gain competitive advantages with the right combination of contact center technology.

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