25% Growth Year-Over-Year… Why Businesses Are Rapidly Adopting Cloud Communications

Across industries and time zones, businesses are increasingly leveraging the cloud to meet and exceed customer expectations. With quicker updates and the latest applications, the cloud offers businesses unprecedented ability to improve flexibility, scalability and efficiency while saving on costs.

And yet each journey to the cloud is unique – and is dependent on the patchwork of technology investments and acquisitions a business already has in place. Many fast-moving businesses are assessing their current infrastructure and planning the best way to proceed.

They are looking to access the benefits of the cloud without having to start all over, become burdened with expensive deployment models, or get locked in for years with a specific vendor.

CTS understands this well…

Our mix of next-gen cloud offerings offer flexible deployments – public, private or hybrid – with a range of proven partners. Mitel’s Cloud services, for example, rely on Google’s secure and reliable platforms.

We’re also leading the way with the latest technologies, offering cloud solutions that can support innovative AI, machine learning and analytics tailored for your operations.

Looking for ways to harness the benefits of the cloud? Let’s talk. Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us.


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