Convincing Your CFO to Invest in Unified Communications

Even as global adoption and spending on UC continue to increase, you may still need to convince your CFO that Unified Communications is the right technology to move the business ahead.

To prepare for your pitch, get to know these business benefits enabled by UC…

  • Reduce Costs – A UC solution requires lower upfront acquisition costs for hardware, disaster recovery and infrastructure. Additional savings come through reduced travel expenses as employees gain access to a full suite of communication and collaboration tools from any location, including video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • Minimize Losses – Critical events, such as natural disasters, emergencies or system outages, put revenues at risk. With UC’s mass notification capability, you can reach employees with vital information over a variety of channels or devices. In addition, you can dispatch incident response teams quickly and efficiently, thus reducing potential losses and mitigating damages.
  • Increase Productivity – Access to advanced collaboration tools makes it easier for employees to work together. Remote workers, as well as those who spend a good deal of time on the road, have full access to UC tools from their mobile devices. The most recent customer data is always available, and calls with clients and prospects are never dropped from a reliable and secure network.
  • Collaborate Efficiently – Web and video conferencing open the door for immediate collaboration, regardless of location, device or network. For example, field service teams can create and share videos instantly or live stream with field technicians to provide real-time assistance. They resolve customer issues on the first call, increasing satisfaction and retention.
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation – UC is an integral part of the wider digital transformation taking place across enterprises. Integrating communication and collaboration applications with other business technologies allows you to deliver improved service to both employees and customers.

UC is an investment that delivers an immediate return, in both hard and soft numbers, and keeps your business ahead of the curve – an outcome every CFO will get behind.

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