Heading Off Voice Downtime Before it Happens

Facing a complicated maze of equipment of varying ages, vendors and health, it’s a challenge to identify potential problems before disaster strikes. Fortunately, there are best practices you can employ to minimize the risk…

  • Infrastructure updates – Many problems can be prevented with hardware and software updates that help keep pace with security vulnerabilities and interoperability demands.
  • Monitor – End-to-end network monitoring provides proactive insights into the health of the devices on your network. You can catch a misconfigured router or switch and deal with failing equipment to prevent voice quality problems.
  • Use business-class monitoring systems (or get a partner to help) – Networks are not created equal. They all have quirks that ‘out of the box’ network management systems aren’t designed to understand. Specialized tools see more events on your network that could impact voice communications.
  • Go deeper with analytics – Usage data can tell you in advance when it’s time to expand your network or add new licenses. Alarm analytics can direct you to the most important issues on your network faster.

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