7 Reasons Decision Makers Choose Beacon Cloud Voice

Businesses want technology and communication solutions that can address critical operational challenges, while reducing costs. Here are 7 ways your business can benefit with Beacon Cloud Voice powered by CTS…

  • Powerful, Centralized Platform – A hosted system allows you to connect multiple offices as well as mobile workers to your headquarters. You also enjoy remote management via an easy-to-use online portal.
  • Automatic Upgrades – Because your system is hosted elsewhere, you never need to upgrade any hardware or software on your end. Upgrades happen in the background and are fully automated.
  • Zero Depreciation – Hosted services mean there’s no need for phone equipment that loses value over time, and no need to keep up with system hardware and software upgrades to protect your investment.
  • Cost Savings – Forget paying for expensive system equipment. Simply purchase phones and a data connection, and save big on your monthly service fees.
  • True Mobility – Not the typical nine-to-fiver? Cloud Voice affords your team uninterrupted connectivity and productivity, with reliable anytime, anywhere access.
  • Advanced Features – Cloud services offer modern capabilities: Voicemail to email, remote call management, auto attendant, company directory, on-hold music and easy team collaboration.
  • Vibrant Displays – Choose from a range of desktop devices, including phones with full-color, easy-to-use touch screens. Increase productivity by customizing your business communications to fit how you work in the office.

Improve your business operations with affordable, reliable cloud communications software and services from Beacon Cloud Voice.

Ready to connect with the Cloud? Contact us at (443) 577-1733 or info@beaconcloudvoice.com.


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