Artificial Intelligence is in Your Office… Addressing Communications Security as You Blend UC and AI

While the benefits of merging AI with UC are many, you should expect security challenges. AI technology accesses vast amounts of enterprise data on products, processes and customers. If an attack occurs, all of that data becomes vulnerable.

As AI-enhanced tools like Echo, Siri and Home enter the office, you will need to assess these and other emerging technologies for security threats and establish clear guidelines in a formal security policy.

On the upside, AI can actually enhance your data and communications security. It can be exploited to scan for potential threats and issue alerts when vulnerabilities or possible attacks occur. Security professionals will be able to respond more quickly with the help of new AI advancements.

As AI and UC blend, you will gain an extremely powerful set of communication and collaboration tools. You’ll find productivity skyrockets, efficiency improves, and data is more accessible than ever before. But the architecture must have a stable base, with security as the main priority to minimize the risks.

For many industries, new regulatory standards and protocols will emerge as AI plays a bigger role in enterprise communications systems, so you’ll need to keep up with the latest requirements to stay compliant.

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