3 Ways Unified Communication as a Service Supports Innovation and Business Agility

Why does the C-suite like the concept of As a Service?

  • CIOs can increase computing power and functionality without the costs traditionally involved in upgrading software and on-site hardware.
  • CFOs like XaaS because it reduces their IT infrastructure’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • And CEOs and CMOs like it, too, because it provides the entire organization with access to the newest technologies.

A recent Deloitte survey of IT and line-of-business professionals from large U.S. companies found that respondents particularly appreciate Unified Communication as a Service for its business impacts, including…

  • Workplace productivity – UCaaS enables businesses to become more agile because employees can communicate more effectively. Employees stay in touch using the most appropriate communications channel – email, text, chat, phone or video – on a variety of devices because everything is unified and seamless. It’s easy for them to start a conversation on one channel and move it to another as the conversation changes.
  • Innovation – With UCaaS providing audio, web and video conferencing along with document sharing, your teams can brainstorm and problem-solve, no matter where they’re located. This allows them to rapidly design, develop and deploy new products/services and reinvent business processes.
  • Leveling the playing field – UCaaS enables businesses to access the newest technologies without spending a lot of money on software and hardware. Paying “as you go” means even the smallest firms can take advantage of powerful technology, scaling up or down as needed. Having little to no IT staff is no longer a limitation.

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