Providing a Better Digital Customer Experience Drives More Loyalty

Your customers’ ideas about what constitutes a good experience have evolved in the same way their lives have evolved. Today, they live and do business in a digital world.

Here are some trends and tips to help you digitally transform your business to keep pace with your customers’ expectations…

  • People don’t pick up the phone and call each other the way they used to. More often, they interact through social media, text messages, chat and email.
  • People switch devices within a single conversation, with seamless handover from their laptop to their smart phone to their tablet. And they expect all of these conveniences to be available when they do business with you.
  • When customers contact you directly, they want their service level tailored accordingly from the moment they make contact.
  • When a customer fills in a web form and starts a chat session, they expect the employee they’re chatting with to know that they’ve already filled out a web form.
  • If they do pick up the phone and call, they expect the next customer support person to know the contents of the web form and the results of the chat session.
  • With one-quarter of the world’s population now equipped with active social media accounts, good and bad customer service experiences are shared almost instantly.

Delivering a good Customer Experience through seamless digital interactions is good business – and a key competitive differentiator.

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