Support Q&A Regarding Mitel’s Purchase of Toshiba Assets

By Jeff Nolte

June 20, 2017



With Toshiba’s surprise exit from the telecom market, Mitel has stepped in, acquiring Toshiba Telecom’s assets and support obligations.

As a proven Mitel and Toshiba partner, CTS is ideally positioned to continue supporting your Toshiba systems and phones. We’ve been serving the Mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years. To keep you informed on Mitel’s obligations, here are answers to some frequently asked questions…

Are my current contracts with Toshiba still valid?

Yes, contracts will remain valid. Mitel will be responsible for fulfilling all contracts immediately following the closing of the deal.

Will my warranties still be in effect?

Yes. Mitel will be prepared to accept extended warranties.

Will any service quality/policies change?

No. Mitel is as committed as Toshiba in delivering quality products and services to our partners and customers.

Will Toshiba inventory levels remain the same?

Inventory levels fluctuate with all businesses; however, we are confident we can ensure continuity of supply.

Will quotes I received on Toshiba solutions still be honored?

Yes, if they are backed by Toshiba or an accredited partner.

Going Forward…

As you assess your next steps, we’re confident you’ll want to continue to work with CTS. Our team has a proven reputation for high performance and decades of stability. Together, CTS and Mitel will ensure your Toshiba system is supported now and in the future.

Please contact us today if you have any questions: (800) 787-4848 or


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