Comcast Services Checklist for Small Business… You Never Know What You Might be Missing

If your small business does not need a fiber connection or an advanced voice connection, there are other ways to improve performance with Comcast services.

Internet Service: Starting out with a cheap consumer-class Internet service may not support all of your business needs. With the growing number of real-time applications and smart devices that are common in today’s workplace, it is best to choose a business-class Internet service that offers the bandwidth that can handle it all. This means starting with at least 50 Mbps and scaling up as needed.

Static IPs: With VoIP and video conferencing becoming mainstream applications, most businesses are in need of static IP connections to ensure they can be found by others who want to reach them for phone calls and conferences.

WiFi PRO: For work environments where employees rely on mobile devices throughout the day, WiFi is an essential service. Comcast’s WiFi Pro includes a web app that provides access to set up and configure the wireless service.

Phone Lines: Do you need an alarm line? Fax line? Extra voice line? Comcast offers voice service over full featured lines with unlimited long distance included.

TV Service: Many businesses have a lobby for customers or a break room for employees. Matching a TV channel to your business shows a more professional face to your clients. A TV in the break room keeps employees up to date on the latest news and contributes to a more friendly work environment.

Smart Office: This new offering from Comcast is a remotely accessible surveillance system. A manager can log into the smart office portal from their computer or mobile device to view what’s happening at their place of business.

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