Healthcare Providers… Carrying Fewer Devices Means Better Collaboration

CTS provides end-to-end communications for healthcare providers throughout our region – from leading hospitals to group practices.

With all the challenges healthcare workers face today, communicating with colleagues and patients shouldn’t be one of them. But in many organizations, you’ll still see medical staff still walking around with multiple devices.

For instance, some physicians are carrying pagers and two mobile phones — one for work and one for personal use. A unified healthcare communications solution from CTS can help consolidate these devices, enabling better collaboration.

Advantages of Simplified Healthcare Collaboration

  • Single Device, Multiple Channels, Easy Collaboration – Whether healthcare professionals are sitting at a desktop, working on a laptop or tablet, or checking their mobile, they can access a secure, personal online dashboard.
  • Quick Communication and File Sharing – Within this environment, they can discuss cases securely with staff or patients using voice, email, chat, SMS, and video conferencing. They can share files with colleagues and access patient records. Once stored in separate areas of the organization, information is now accessible from one central location.
  • Streamlined Outreach with Presence – The MiCollab software platform allows medical staff to see at a glance which colleagues are available and contact them using multiple methods.
  • Hunt and Ring Groups for Easy Contact – Physicians and staff can redirect calls as needed to ensure no call goes unanswered and colleagues can reach each other easily. On-call physicians can change their status directly from their personal dashboards.

Single Point of Access Means Better Clinical Collaboration

And there’s another benefit to a single point of access for communications: Less to carry.

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