Tips for Effectively Managing Your Remote Teams

With many organizations relying on remote workers, these flexible work arrangements are not without challenges. Fortunately, there are several ways to effectively manage your remote teams…

  • Deploy Tools that Work – The right technology resources must be in place to support remote workers. Ensure they have everything they need – broadband, a laptop, webcam (if not included in the laptop), smartphone, and the proper services and software for collaboration.
  • Set Expectations – Setting clear expectations will help keep your team focused on project goals. Establishing regular working hours but remaining flexible with everyone’s schedule will drive productivity. Outlining project plans, tasks, and goals as the ways through which you will measure success will instill more confidence.
  • Establish Regular Check-Ins – Establishing regular video check-ins with your team shows that you are available to them, ready to listen, and open to feedback. Video calls are the best way to have one-on-one and team meetings because communicating over video creates a more personal experience while making everyone feel included. Having weekly one-on-ones or team meetings is a great start to establishing a communication routine.
  • Over-Communicate… and Then Some – Not only does over-communication help keep your team on task, but it can also tamp down feelings of isolation members may be experiencing. Recognize employees individually or with a call-out during a team meeting. This acknowledgment will let them know you are paying attention to their successes and that you are there to support them.
  • Be Engaging – Inject some fun into your team’s remote working routine and devise ways to engage them. Get creative. As the COVID pandemic has transitioned to an endemic part of life, look for ways to get your teams together virtually or meet up so they can unplug from work for a little socializing.

Access to remote work technology is important but understanding how to overcome the “people” challenges with better management and communication skills will better position your team for success.

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