3 Easy Ways to Solidify Your Customer Relationships

The pandemic has been a hard lesson for companies as they battle to stay afloat. Many have embraced (and even accelerated) digital transformation, finding new and meaningful ways to engage customers remotely. But people still want to feel connected, perhaps even more so than before.

So how can companies strengthen their tie with customers and create a personal experience in a predominantly digital world? Unified Communications technology makes it possible.

Here are three specific ways to leverage digital communications tools to solidify customer relationships – and your survival.

1. Know Your Customer

CRM integration with your communications system gives staff real-time access to information that can be used to create a memorable experience. As soon as a customer contacts your business, agents can see detailed customer data, ranging from past order history and previous communications. Agents can immediately jump into action, providing updates on recent orders and answering questions the customer may have before they even ask them. Many companies have this type of data available, but agents need easy access to it precisely at the moment the customer interaction begins.

2. Make It Omnichannel

Today the digital customer simply expects to be able to start a conversation with a chatbot and move to a live agent via chat or phone (depending on their preference) without having to repeat any of the information they already shared. Smart bots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) make this possible. They monitor communications between agents and customers (even if the conversation moves between channels) and provide guidance and training for the agent in real-time. Companies that truly embrace omnichannel will earn the attention and repeat business of digital consumers.

3. Personalize It

When agents have access to a full customer history, they can personalize the interaction and make customers feel appreciated and valued. With AI-powered virtual agents monitoring conversations and providing human agents with relevant information, issues can be resolved more quickly. Integration with other internal systems such as supply chain and logistics platforms allows agents to answer just about any question a customer may have. This individualized attention gives customers a sense of control in a time of constant change and uncertainty.

Powerful UC technology arms your business with the right tools to adapt to changing customer expectations while outperforming the competition.

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