Reach Your People When it Matters Most with Mobile-Centric Mass Notifications

When an emergency occurs, your organization needs a fast and effective way to notify your people to keep them safe. With the advanced capabilities of Mitel Revolution Mass Notification solution, you can reach out to everyone effectively and efficiently regardless of the device or communication method they use.

Whether it’s alerting a single person of an isolated event or notifying thousands of an evolving situation using multiple notification channels, keeping people informed can be a simple, straightforward process with Mitel Revolution.

Mitel’s Mass Notification solution enables…

  • Unlimited creation of live, pre-recorded, or scheduled broadcast events
  • Activations initiated from on or off-premises devices
  • Multimodal notifications to desktop devices, mobile devices, overhead speakers, email, loud horns, strobes, digital/LED signs, and more
  • Integration with SMS services to alert via text messages
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with automated alerts and early-warning systems 
  • Geo-location controls to ensure mobile recipients receive relevant information based on their current location
  • Multilingual text-to-speech engine support to translate dynamic text into intelligible audio broadcasts

Don’t risk having your employees in harm’s way during an emergency situation. CTS makes it easy to get Mitel’s powerful notification technology up and running in your organization. 

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