The Business Case & Best Practices for Video Meetings

If you’re looking for a solid business case to adopt new technology, the one for today’s video conferencing solutions is as close to a slam dunk as you are going to find…

  • A ‘face-to-face’ meeting can be started with the tap of a button. Eliminate the downtime and expense of travel.
  • Team meetings can be scheduled for times that work for all participants – regardless of their time zone – allowing everyone to engage at the top of their game.
  • With a browser-based interface that includes both screen sharing and file sharing, anyone can bring up a file for all to see.
  • Recaps and note-taking are much easier – simply rewind and review the meeting’s key points.
  • Arranging a virtual meeting with clients doesn’t require much effort and the extra insights gained will pay off – ensuring you see, hear and understand what they are trying to communicate.

Adopt these best practices to improve the effectiveness of your virtual meetings…

  • Make sure everyone is connected and able to see and hear before you start.
  • Decide on visual cues like raising your hand to minimize interruptions and enable remote and onsite users to contribute without a lot of cross-talk.
  • Take a few minutes to foster camaraderie. Ask people to share a fact that gives others a sense of their background. Get a quick read on the participants’ mood – ask how their day is going.
  • Recommend that participants mute when they are not speaking to block out distracting background office noise.

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