Count on Minuteman Power Protection When (not if) Lightning Strikes

With weather being the number one cause of power problems, businesses can suffer from many different types of anomalies, from blackouts to spikes.

For unprotected businesses, the best case scenario is just a bit of downtime and some lost profits. Worst case scenarios for many businesses include equipment damage, data loss, and security vulnerabilities.

For example, an unprotected data center that gets hit by lightning and experiences downtime may find that no new information is coming in or being stored during that blackout. The data center also has to worry about connected equipment, about their network being lost, and about data being unrecoverable. So, while a simple lightning strike may not seem like a big deal to many, for others it can have a tremendous impact.

The most basic way a business can protect itself from these problems is to have an uninterruptible power supply or UPS. Minuteman offers solutions that range from simple standby units that are perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses to larger rackmount units with more load capacity and better protection for large networks, enterprise communications, servers, and security systems.

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