5 Ways Business VoIP Offers More for Less

Today’s businesses require more efficient and cost-effective communication solutions. They need to serve customers better and need to respond faster to changing markets. Switching from analog landlines to digital VoIP over a broadband connection offers a number of benefits for businesses of any size…

  1. Easy implementation: You do not need a sophisticated infrastructure to implement VoIP. In fact, with a cloud-based system, you are freed from the cost and burden of constant maintenance and upgrades. The provider does all this for you. New features and capabilities are easy to add and configure through a web browser.
  2. Easy scale up: VoIP systems can be customized to any sized business, making it possible for smaller clients to scale up their operations quickly as they grow or adapt to fluctuations in seasonal demand. Cloud services are also self-managed so you won’t need a dedicated resource to make changes.
  3. Easy integration with existing systems: Since VoIP is Internet-based, hosted VoIP systems can be easily integrated with applications like Outlook, Salesforce and more. When integrated with voicemail, messages can be accessed from remote locations – even transcribed to text and forwarded to others via email.
  4. Easy call feature usage: VoIP supports all the features of traditional phone systems, and then some. The feature list is seemingly endless – from putting calls on hold and transfer to sending virtual faxes.
  5. Easy mobility: Traveling employees can access their VoIP system via smartphone apps or softphones on their laptops.

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