5 Reasons Video Conferencing is Better than In-Person Conferencing

With so many technological advances in video conferencing, why bother with in-person conferencing anymore? The business case to exploit the latest video solutions is a slam dunk…

1. Cost Savings

There are obvious costs associated with employee travel. With video conferencing, a meeting can be started with the tap of a button and with little to no cost whatsoever.

2. Conferencing from Anywhere

Video conferencing allows you to schedule meeting times that work for all participants, regardless of their location, allowing everyone to perform at the top of their game.

3. Ease of File Sharing

When all participants are gathered in a conference room, sharing files can quickly become chaotic. With a browser-based login that includes both screen sharing and file sharing, anyone can bring up a file for all to see.

4. Record & Rewind

Taking notes is an important part of any conference, but this task is made much easier and less stressful by recording and saving the conference as both a video and audio file. Those needing a refresh can simply rewind and review the key points.

5. Improved Client Relations

With video conferencing, organizations can meet with clients as often as needed. They don’t require much setup time – and they show the company values a professional relationship and takes customer concerns seriously.

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